We have raised over $26,000 this year and are almost half way to a full year of operating expenses –THANK YOU

But we NEED a HOME!

We are ready to launch, and are looking for a rental to kick off our program. Please pray with us, keep your eyes open and let us know if you know of anyone or have a lead on a home.

While the long term goal is to build, we can’t wait to serve those waiting, so please join us on the search and in prayer.

Foundation Planters

Donors that give $1,000 or more will have a building stone that will be placed at the gated entrance of the home built or walkway at the rental. The stone can have encouraging words, scripture, or your name that only residents will see while on property.

Donate One Time, Monthly or Annually

We need your support financially, and we need donated goods.

Depending on the amount of residents it will cost roughly $2500 per month per resident for housing, programs and food.

We need your help.

Click below for more details on how to give.