The Problem

A person is sold or forced into the sex-trafficking trade. This is usually a girl or boy from 12-15 years of age who is betrayed by family, friends, boyfriends, or strangers. 

They work for little to no pay for years until they finally find their escape, or are turned out, left for dead or found in the hospital due to health reasons, or abuse. They are given another chance, but three to six months later they are unable to take care of themself and fall back into the life they know all too well:  trafficking.  Sex trafficking is the second largest organized crime ring in the US and is growing.  They are one of the 89% of sex-trafficked survivors who have been forced back into the $99 billion industry. 


What if there was a safe place for this person to go?  A place to receive long-term care, resources for restoration, and a community dedicated to assisting them in building skills for re-entering society as a healed and thriving survivor?  This person then has only a 20% or less chance of recidivism.  They have hope, they have support, a hand up to better themselves and learn something new, a new life, to be restored to their given purpose.

This is the vision of The Cornerstone Project.

Board of Directors

Our governing body consists of individuals who bring a skill or passion that will benefit The Cornerstone Project’s success.  


Obtaining the funds necessary for the first Cornerstone Project house is our first project.  We are working towards this goal through individual donations, grants, and other fundraising efforts. 

We are a 501(c)3 and are registered as a non-profit entity with the State of Colorado and have good standing with the Secretary of State.

Interrupting the Process: Educating Men

We believe one of the ways to eradicate sex trafficking is to address it at its core. We also believe that since men make up the majority, not all, of the buyers in trafficking cases we need to address it. We have engaged the Epik Project, which is a national organization, whose goal is to interrupt the buying process. The Epik Project also trains the men in discipleship and raising up other men to be standard bearers. If you are interested in learning more about the men’s program, please contact us at [email protected] or fill out the contact us form here.

Community Education

The Cornerstone Project is an advocate for education, and offers speaking opportunities to a variety of audiences and issues surrounding sex trafficking. If you are interested in having the Cornerstone Project educate your club, community organization, schools, family, church, or group of friends we offer free educational talks tailored to your specific goal and need. Please email us at: [email protected] fill out the contact us form here

The average age a girl is lured or forced into sex trafficking is just 14.5 years old.  The average age of a boy is 12.5 years old.

— National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)